Nature Walks                                                                                                               
- Forest Track (2 km)
- Village Walk (6 km)                                                                                                      
- Başdeğirmen Mill and Waterfall Walk (13 km)                                                                   
- Gürle Waterfall Walk (34 km – 24 km can be arrived by car) 

 Kaz Mountain Safari Tour                                                                                          
- Zeytinli, Mehmetalan Village, National Park, Ayı Brook (swimming break), Tozlu Plateau, Sarıkız Peak (1784 m)                                                                                           
- Darı Brook Picnic Area (area of walking and meal) 

 At the first week of October Harvest of Jujube fruit in Hünnap Han  

 Between October-December tours of collecting mushroom and then cooking (melki, meat mushroom, pepper mushroom, salt mushroom) 

 Between October-February tours of collecting olives

 Between December-June tours of collecting plant and then cooking (fennel, wheat, anchusa, chickweed, nettle, bud plant, radish plant, blessed thistle, velvet plant, chicory, musk plant, mallow, esparsette, belly plant, meadow mushroom, patience plant, creamy, carrot plant, butter plant, lemon thyme) 

 From countrywomen lesson of traditional country meals (turkish type ravioli, battercake, pastries, pasties with fresh plants collected from mountain, plant meals, etc..)   

 Tours with bicycle to mountain villages 

 You can have a pleasant time by taking photos or by painting with fabulous location at the point of meeting of mountain and sea, historical atmosphere of Hünnap Han, historical structures of millenial outdoor museum in Adatepe Village.  

 You can read your book entrancedly all day with bird songs and symphony of light music at the 3 beautiful gardens of Hünnap Han that compete with each other. 

 All day you can play chess with sipping your drink.  

• You can interview blissfully with sipping your rich drinks and wines during sunset at gardens of Hünnap Han and spend your nights as eternally by being lost in myths of İda (Kaz) Mountain. Or you can set the sun at Hoca Kayası which is at the back of Hünnap Han with a beautiful scenery  or at antique Zeus Altar with the drinks that can be get from our hotel.





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